1. Israel - United-States Educational Foundation, Fulbright Fellow (1974-9)

2. The 1988 Israel Chemical Society Medal Award for the Outstanding Young Chemist for the year 1987 (1988)

3. Lise Meitner-Alexander von Humboldt Research Award (1995)

4. The A. D. Bergman Prize, Given by The Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Israel (1997)

5.  The Israel Chemical Society Prize for  the year 2000 (2001)

6. The Kolthoff Prize for the year 2000/2001 (2001)

7. Elected member of the Scientific Board of WATOC (2002)

8. Elected Fellow of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science);
("for distinguished contributions to the  field of valence bond theory, contributing new ideas and thought-provoking models that have helped to rechart the mental map of chemistry") (2003) (Certificate - PDF)

9. Selected, by the University of Köln, as the Kurt-Alder Lecturer (for "ground-breaking in theoretical and computational chemistry, aiming at the understanding of chemical and biochemical reactivity, in particular with respect to the revolutionary concept of multistate reactivity in organometallic chemistry and catalysis") (2004)

10. The University of Minnesota Lectureship (selected by the graduate student committee) (2004 Fall)

11. Selected by the University of Georgia, Athens, as The Charles Coulson Lecturer (2005)

12. The Christmas Lecture at the University of Heidelberg (Winter 2006)

13. Selected a few times by the students as one of the best University teachers
(Ben Gurion University) (1980-92)

14. Selected by the students as one of the best University teachers (Hebrew University) (1995)

15. Visiting Professorships and Lectureships (invitations for series of lectures on VB theory of Reactivity, etc) in: Universite de Paris-Sud, Queen's University (Canada), Technical University of Berlin, University of Lund, University of Gotebotg, University of Padova, University of Rochester, University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, University of Alabama in Huntsville, The State Key Laboratory in Xiamen University (China), The Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, The University of Basel (The Kahlbaum Lectures), The Univeristy of Basel (The Troisieme Cycle Lecturer), The Universities of Fribourg, Berne and Geneve (The Troisieme Cycle Lecturer of the French Speaking Swiss Universities), The Universities of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilins-Universitat), Würtzburg and Essen. The Universities of Vienna, Graz, and Innsbruck (The Austrian Chemical Society Lectureship), Visiting Professor in The Ecole Normal Superieur in Paris, The Kurt-Alder Lectureship at the University of Cologne. The Charles Coulson Lectureship at the University of Georgia Athens. The University of Minnesota Lectureship (selected by the graduate student committee) (1984-2004)

16. Israel Chemical Society Citation (2000)

17. C&E News Citation (2001)

18. Kolthoff Prize

19. The Coulson Lecture (2005)

20. The Kurt Alder Lecture (2004)

21. The Schrödinger medal (2007) (ACS announcement)  (Angewandte Chemie Announcement) DOI